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tratamento para a depressão, tratamento para a ansiedade, dificuldades na relação, perda, separação, isolamento social, medos

Each of us deserves to be fulfilled and have a joyful life. However, life can be difficult to navigate at times and you may feel overwhelmed with a mixture of feelings and mental confusion that affect the way you see yourself and your life.


You may feel stuck in negative thoughts and limiting behaviour, feel low without an apparent reason, feel trapped in a relationship or career that no longer fulfils you or are going through a major life change that interferes with your emotional stability, sense of security or identity.


Whatever the reason, doing therapy in these circumstances brings benefits to our lives, wellbeing and relationships. In art psychotherapy, you can reach a greater understanding of yourself and others, increase your confidence and improve your emotional wellbeing. It's important for you to know that you don't have to cope alone.


Joseph Campbell

Art psychotherapy is an important tool for those who wish to understand themselves better and develop personally at a deeper level.

You may feel lost or confused, struggling to understand what you're feeling or what you want to do in life. In these circumstances, feelings of sadness, anger or dissatisfaction with life, can arise for no apparent reason. In art psychotherapy these emotions and experiences are explored both through talking and creative expression, for an healthy expression of feelings and  thoughts which are difficult to communicate through words.


This work focuses on relieving emotional discomfort, raising awareness and changing limiting patterns, developing a better self-understanding, creating healthier and more effective ways of dealing with your personal difficulties and begin to create positive life changes. If you wouuld like to start therapy, please contact me here

In person or online, therapy is a private, confidential and safe space to share deeply personal and sometimes difficult stories, thoughts or emotions.


Online art psychotherapy is based on the same therapeutic process as therapy in person, but it is important that you have a private and confidential space dedicated to therapy where you feel safe to talk comfortably without interruptions. This allows therapy to happen in the privacy of your own home or chosen location.

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